Explorig China: A Culinary Adventure

If you're into cooking and love Azian food you need to wach this BBC Two series by chefs Ken Hom and Cheng-He Huang called 'Exploring China: a Culinary Adventure'. Your mouth will be watering the entire time.



Ogimi - words of love and encouragement

In Okinawa (Japan) people get old. The town Ogimi is officially known as the place where people reach the highest age in the world. Lots of things contribute to their wellbeing: food, exercise, friendships, staying active...

In this Dutch travel programm '3 op reis' Floortje tells that 3 times a day a message from the town's commity of Ogimi is announced through speakers placed around town. The following is an example of such a message at 6.30 pm and it got it me.

"Everything allright, beloved towns people of Ogimi? Did you have good day again? It is now time to go home. And then do something at home that serves you in your life. Study, or something else wonderful. Let's help each other. We encourage you to make your dreams come true and challenge yourself. This was a message from the town's commity of Ogimi."

Just imaging what our world would be like if only we all heared this, where spoken to like this, every day.
Just imagine....

(Oh, and I am moving to Okinawa...!)

Episode '3 op reis' of September 21, 2014.




I think it useful if we would sincerely open up about what swirls around inside... have conversations that aim to bring us further then where we started from, heal, bring insight, find our common denominator, reach for eachother, find understanding... if we would sincerely share, show our underbellies. Beyond shame, beyond prejudice, beyond pain, beyond upbringing, beyond culture and race, gender and religion. Then, then I think together we can go way beyond anything we ever imagined or held possible.

I dream of those kind of conversations.